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About 70+1 Project Adventure Travel Blog

Welcome to 70+1  Adventure Travel Blog! We are a group of passionate travelers who aim to explore the unexplored. Our mission is to take you on exciting adventures to the Northern Region of Ghana, where you can experience the thrill of volunteering, and cross cultural  missions. Our blog is a great space to share our travel stories and inspire you to embark on your own adventures. We are dedicated to planting churches in rural communities and making a positive impact on the lives of the people we encounter.  Offering humanitarian help as we travel and engage the culture as we visit different tourist sites. Join us on this journey of discovery and adventure today!

Our Goals

Inspire empathy through travel

Promote sustainable tourism in Ghana

Reach out to the communities with the gospel

Dr. King
Director,  LHI & 70+1

A word from Director

It's been a great opportunity travelling to bring hope, charity and the gospel as we experience culture, diversity and villages in Northern Ghana.

Join us make a difference on your next vacation.

Dr. Daniel (affectionately called Dr. King) is the Director of Love Heralds International (LHI). Over the years LHI has had cross cultural missions to the Northern, Eastern, Western and central parts of Africa, Asia and Europe. He is the president of the Missions Discipleship and Research Institute, a missions training institute for training cross cultural workers and Christians in the market place. He has facilitated the planting of churches in different parts of Ghana and other countries. He is an author of several books including The solitude, understanding your purpose, the sent one etc. He is the president of 70+1. 

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